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Arthroscopic transplantation using donor meniscus

Meniscal transplantation is an option for patients who have previously had their meniscus debrided surgically or de-functioned through injury and have resulting pain in that region. 

A donor meniscus is transplanted surgically through an arthroscopically assisted technique. 

There are multiple long term studies showing good to excellent results in over 80% of patients who undertake this procedure. 

Dr Beer is one of the few surgeons in Queensland and Australia who are appropriately trained in this technique. He is a member of the Australian Meniscal Transplant Study Group. 

The aim is to restore joint congruity, offload the articular cartilage and reduce pain. Although not proven in the literature, prevention or slowing of arthritis may also occur. 

The details of the procedure, including the potential risks, the post-operative course and the expected outcomes will be detailed at length by Dr Beer at your appointment. 

You will be provided with written information regarding your surgery and rehabilitation at your appointment. 

Any questions you have will be addressed at this time.